Mar 062018

Sandy Ari in 'Hiking Girl'
Dropping her pack beside her, Sandy Ari sinks onto a bench. Recovering a map and compass she studies it carefully, establishing her position on the trail. A hand absently reaches to a breast, covered in an orange top. The sweet cones of her tits spring free, pert and hard. Sandy pushes the top down over them, and slips thumbs into her shorts, driving them down over her thighs. Pushing her knickers down she reaches into her pack and withdraws a vibrator. A flick of the switch and the revolving head is guided to her wetness.

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Feb 142018

Memi Paweena in 'Black'
With dusk settling all around her Memi Paweena peeps out from behind a wall, a mischevious, beaming smile filling her pretty face. As she steps along a path which winds amid a lush green lawn, Memi pulls her top down over her breasts, allowing it to fall down to her waist, baring her breasts with a smile. A few more steps and Memi half turns, tugging at her panties, discarding them with an easy motion. Turning she reveals her almost hairless pussy.

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Feb 082018

Sandy Ari in 'Wildlife'
Birds flutter through the treetops as Sandy Ari peers through the viewfinder of her camera. The shutter snaps as she excitedly captures the colourful creatures through her lens. Hands wander to her breasts, circling erecting nipples under fingertips. Top rolled up over her boobs Sandy pinches her hard nipples. And pushing down her camo trousers Sandy abandons the camera, concentrating on exploring her slim body. Panties are pushed down over her thighs and Sandy enjoys the warmth of the afternoon sun on her naked body.

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Feb 062018

Memi Paweena in 'Red Top'
Memi Paweena kneels on a chair. Thick dark green leaves spread above her. Memi is beaming, her rich black hair tumbling down over her shoulders. Memi tugs at her vivid red top and bares her breasts. Her playful smile spreads as Memi peels off her shorts and panties, baring her neatly trimmed pussy. Memi leans back in the chair, her thighs wide. Then taking up a toy Memi guides it inside her.

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Feb 052018

Hanoi An in 'Lilac Dress'
Wearing a lilac dress and brown knee length boots, Hanoi An stands beside a stone pillar, looking out over a bright, sunlit vista. The dress clings to her curves. She reaches up to cup a breast, and the straps soon fall from her shoulders, baring upturned and shapely breasts. A tug at her panties eases them down her thighs, and discarded she contemplates her lightly haired pussy as fingers explore it.

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Feb 022018

Ya Soraya in 'Lunch Date'
Ya Soraya is seated at a rooftop lunch table. The warm afternoon sun bathes her as she waits in a brief green top and skirt. On the table stands a drink bottle, and she fingers it absently. Leaning back in her seat she swings her thighs wide, a hand descending between her silky legs and pushing her panties aside. Ya Soraya lifts off her top, her small tits springing free, her nipples swelling into inviting points. Taking the bottle in her hand Ya Soraya presses it to her pussy, slowly driving it inside herself.

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Feb 012018

Anny Wadee in 'Stripes'
Verdant trees towering above her, Anny Wadee stands in the twilight, wearing a bikini and shorts. The vivid red contrasts with the falling light. Anny takes off her shorts and sits on a tree stump, fingers working at her bikini top until her tits spring free. Then peeling off her drawers Anny bares her lush pussy. A few steps to the shelter of her cabin and Anny stretches herself naked across a bench seat.

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Jan 312018

Sandy Ari in 'Candlelight'
Sandy Ari is seated at a table in the early evening. A candle stands upon it, waiting to be lit. Sandy lifts a glass of wine to her lips, parts them, and takes a sip. Her dress slips from her bare shoulders and down over the swell of her pert breasts. Peeling panties down over her thighs Sandy dangles a leg over the chair while spreading her wet snatch and exploring it with fingers.

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Jan 292018

Memi Paweena in 'Stripes'
Memi Paweena drops by from next door in a green and yellow striped top and orange shorts. With her beaming smile Memi gives a warm welcome, pulling off her top, standing provocatively, hand on hip. When the invitation to continue comes Memi bares her breasts, smiling broadly as she unbuttons her shorts and peels them down over her thighs and sharing her neatly trimmed pussy. Her long black hair tumbling over her shoulders and down to her breasts Memi seats herself on her discarded shorts and spreads her pussy.

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Jan 262018

Hanoi An in 'Wildflowers'
Hanoi An wanders down a dirt path. The sun is high in a cloudless sky. A pale yellow floral pattern dress flows from her bare shoulders. A shrug and the straps fall, baring full breasts that she cups in a delicate hand, teasing the erect nipples between fingertips. The dress falls to the floor and she pulls drawers down over silken thighs. Spreading them she guides a toy to her wet pussy, slowly sinking it deep inside herself.

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